Marvelous Magnolia Master Bath Remodel

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Our clients discovered a shower leak in their master bath.  They wisely realized this problem should not be addressed through a patchwork-type repair.  Most likely, such a repair would serve as only a temporary fix, and the required tile patch would not look good.  Instead, the shower needed to be torn out completely and rebuilt properly from the ground up.  In that case, they concluded the time had come for a Magnolia master bath makeover.  If they had to replace the shower anyway, why not update everything else at the same time?  They could use this opportunity to make design changes and create a bathroom to love for years to come.  Based on the advice of HomeShow Radio expert Tom Tynan, they called TriFection to guide them through the remodeling process.

Bigger, Better Shower in the Master Bath

Magnolia master bath showerAs with most of our master bath remodeling projects, we began by designing a new custom shower.  In this case, we enlarged the shower to make room for a comfortable bench seat and handheld showering unit.  We also installed a grab bar for safety.  By removing a partial wall and the furdown above the old shower, the bathroom appears much bigger and brighter.  For tile selections, our clients chose a combination of Nassino Ivory on the shower walls, Zone Hex Fawn on the shower floor, and Mango Stack accent tile.  Kohler provided the plumbing fixture package, and modern frameless glass completed the look.

Custom Cabinets For Best Use of Space

For new custom cabinets, our clients selected solid beechwood with Shaker-style fronts and a Golden Maple stain color.  We designed the cabinets in such a way as to eliminate a seldom-used sitting area while also creating wall space to hang towels.  At the same time, we maintained the necessary storage space by incorporating a corner tower cabinet and headknocker cabinet above the toilet.

Magnolia master bathThese folks picked an eye-catching Blue Dunes granite countertops and backsplash, which complemented the bathroom tile selections very nicely.  We installed the same material on the shower bench seat and the knee wall between the vanity area and the shower, creating a natural, visually appealing transition.  Final selections included Nassino Ivory floor tile (same as the shower) and Sedate Gray wall paint color.

Magnolia Master Bath Remodel Turns Unfortunate Start Into a Happy Ending

No one wants to experience shower leak problems.  However, our clients prevented a bad situation from turning worse by not sinking money into a repair.  Actually, they turned that bathroom water problem into wine by choosing the path of a first-class custom remodel.  Now, they love the modern look and improved functionality of their master bath and aren’t worrying of future problems.  We’ll toast to that!

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