Home remodeling success demands a process

Home remodeling process in Bellaire

Z 1A home is more than a place. It’s a feeling. When these clients moved to Houston and bought their beautiful two-story house in Bellaire, it wasn’t quite a home to them. Some rooms didn’t reflect their tastes in design and decor, which are “less masculine” relative to the previous owner. For instance, the master bath needed more warmth and light.

Since they were new to the Houston area, these clients began their quest for a contractor capable of a house-to-home transformation by searching Angie’s List. After seeing TriFection’s A-rating and many positive reviews, the clients visited our website. Among the many projects on display in our bathroom photo gallery, one in particular convinced them TriFection was uniquely qualified to lead this effort – the elegant “Better Than The Ritz.” TriFection owner Jeff Roberts sealed their decision by helping them visualize the desired outcome more easily during the bidding process.

The first step: understanding the clients’ vision

TriFection begins every project with detailed client consultations. Based on the clients’ feedback, our design team produced three-dimensional computer renderings of the concepts for the new bathroom. Once approved, our selections team began the detailed work of finding the right combination of cabinet wood species, stain color, countertops, tile, bathroom fixtures and more. Following selections, we generated more computer drawings to illustrate the proposed custom cabinet design and tile installation patterns. Very thoughtful planning, with all major decisions made in advance of demolition, is the key to a well-managed remodeling project. All TriFection clients know that is the fundamental element of our process.

Z 2Once the clients signed off on the rendering and plans, TriFection secured the necessary permits from the city of Bellaire. At the same time, our in-house custom cabinet craftsmen gathered the final, precise measurements needed to build cabinets and mirror frames off-site in our production facility prior to performing on-site work.

Choreographing our team for timely results

Remodeling projects, particularly ones of this scope, require carefully planned schedules as well as intricate coordination and constant communication within our team. That process begins with arranging for delivery of the right quantity of materials to the jobsite before the day they are actually needed. Doing so reduces unwanted surprises, complications and potential delays. When then must synchronize the participation of various craftsmen, not just on one project but on many across the greater Houston area at any given time. That ability comes from our vast project management experience and high-quality lineup of professional, dependable trades. Even so, schedules are often “fluid” based on an infinite number of variables, so quick adjustments are sometimes necessary to keep a project on schedule and on budget.

Z 3For this project, we began with demolition (including tear out of walls that enclosed the old shower) followed immediately by rough electrical and plumbing. New wiring, water supply lines and drains were run before we began sheetrock repair, wall prep, shower & tub framing and cabinet box installation. Next, we installed granite countertops and tile throughout the bathroom and painted the walls and ceiling. We’re now in the final stages of “trim out,” which includes the installation of the bathtub, shower fixtures, sinks & faucets, lights, cabinet fronts, glass, etc. Each step has been completed methodically, without individual crews working on top of one another in a confined space. Our clients are extremely excited as the bathroom has taken shape and the finish line is in sight. They’ll be enjoying the luxury of a stunning bathroom transformation in no time.

That’s how we do it in Texas

As work has progressed without a significant wrinkle, our clients informed us they are also remodeling a second home in California. The execution on that project, however, apparently has not gone nearly as smoothly. At TriFection, we take great pride in our established remodeling procedures and the quality of our team. Similar to the old sports adage “You play like you practice,” we firmly believe “You execute like you plan.” When prospective clients are eager to rush into remodeling because they’re tired of looking at outdated or damaged rooms, we educate them on why we do not deviate from a planning & scheduling system that has produced thousands of successful outcomes (and happy clients)…..

Next month, we’ll draw back the curtain on this gorgeous bathroom with details on the specific material selections that transformed a house into a welcoming home.

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