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Whoever said you can’t go back home never met one of our most recent clients and learned of the home remodeling dreams. After inheriting the home near Kirkwood and Memorial in which she grew up, she and her husband decided it was better fit than their big home in Katy; the kids were grown and gone.

home-remodelingBut, there was a problem. The Memorial home was out of date. Every one of the 2,300 square foot house’s four bedrooms and two baths needed updates.

The excited couple had a long wish list of home remodeling updates. Tops on the list were the kitchen and master bathroom. Both could provide increased functionality, but would need a major redesign.  This is where big remodel projects can run into trouble.

After we carefully reviewed their room-by-room list of detailed changes and confirmed measurements, it became clear their list would exceed the budget.

After several meetings, we were able to find a good fit for their needs and home remodeling budget. By using computer generated models, we were able to satisfy our client’s desires for increased functionality and an updated look.

The kitchen would need to be totally gutted to provide more storage and create an open flow into the living areas. That would mean removing a few walls and adding structural headers to carry the loads of the new openings.

home-remodeling-houstonThe master bedroom originally contained a small bathroom, two tiny closets, and room for a home office. We took all these areas and split them into two spaces: a larger custom master bathroom and huge walk-in closet.

The rest of the house will be finished off with new flooring, doors and hardware, sheetrock work, painting and updated fixtures. We’re also updating the laundry room with a custom design to fit their specific needs.

Updating this family home is an example of how TriFection handles all the details, coordinates all the trades, and provides a one-stop solution. Check back for updates on this major project as we make it possible for our clients to come home again.

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