Form and function that finally fit after this kitchen remodel

form and function of Cypress kitchen remodel

IMG_6083There are as many reasons for a kitchen remodel as there are kitchens to be remodeled. These Cypress clients didn’t just want a beautiful kitchen; they wanted one that would really suit their daily needs.

Too many kitchens get plotted out on paper during the design process, or sometimes even during construction, without much thought to their actual use. When they contacted us, these clients made it clear: they wanted better functionality, easier maneuverability and greater accessibility to stored items. They wanted a company that could provide well-conceived kitchen remodeling ideas and the skilled craftsmen who could bring those ideas to life.

Boosting function with a kitchen remodel

TriFection begins every project with two ears, a pencil and a pad of paper. After a detailed client consultation, we produce computer renderings of their vision. This added step allows our clients to actually see the proposed layouts of the kitchen, custom cabinetry and tile patterns before work begins. They are deeply involved with the customization from Day One.

Our Cypress clients were delighted with the renderings, giving TriFection the green light to take their kitchen remodel from drawings to reality.

Kitchen remodel work begins

We started by tearing out a large pantry closet that ate up space and added an awkward design element to the kitchen.

IMG_6081TriFection’s cabinetry craftsmen then created custom solid oak cabinets finished in Mission Oak stain. We added decorative end panels and scrolls at the peninsula as well as Aquavue glass to a few of the upper cabinet doors for added elegance and visual appeal.

But, these new cabinets brought more than visual appeal to this kitchen remodel; they amped up the functionality. They feature eight pull out shelves in the base cabinets, a motorized trash can and double pantry cabinets with a total of nine pull out drawers for more efficient use of space and incredibly easy access of stored goods.

Stone solid beauty

Our clients purchased a specialty mural for the backsplash, which nicely complemented the Crema Bordeaux granite countertops. We installed and framed the backsplash with a Renaissance Mini OG 1” x12” liner in a rust iron finish. IMG_6076The rest of the backsplash was then finished with Ravenna 1” x12” liner and Renaissance Sicily dot 2” x 2” inserts, both in a rust iron finish. LED recessed can lights and under cabinet lighting not only brighten the entire kitchen, but also highlight the beauty of the new countertops and backsplash.

Where big dogs run

Our clients originally wanted to use natural stone flooring to connect with the look of their backsplash. But, there was a problem with this plan. Several problems, really. Our clients own large German Shepherd dogs that patrol the house. Heavy traffic and a natural stone floor can be a bad combination. For durability and maintenance reasons, we suggested a porcelain tile with a natural stone look. Our clients agreed and selected Homestead Cream 12” x 24” floor tile, which we installed in a broken joint pattern.

Our clients are now enjoying a kitchen that’s attractive, functional and fits their lifestyle & budget. That’s the essence of TriFection.

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