Engineering kitchen cabinets even an engineer would love

Engineer loves kitchen cabinet

IMG_5109Engineers are unique. They don’t just want to know what’s being built. They want to know how it’s built and why. Their obsession with detail and specific preferences is outdone only by their demand for perfection. That explains why so many engineers choose TriFection—like our clients in Friendswood.

Finding a fit for kitchen cabinets

Five years. That’s how long these clients’ search lasted, looking for a specific contractor “fit.” Numerous companies were interviewed. Could there be one, they wondered, willing and able to meet their expectations—especially for custom kitchen cabinets? Then, they called TriFection and soon realized they finally found a team of creative designers and true master carpenters up to the challenge.

Creating precision kitchen cabinets

TriFection’s custom cabinetry craftsmen regularly exceed client expectations. But, this project raised the bar a little higher. These folks demanded numerous upgrades, including dovetail drawers,IMG_5102 paneled ends, a wooden range hood and highly decorative moulding—all designed with exacting precision. These solid cherry wood cabinets would epitomize the word “custom.”

Hunting for moulding

We often discuss function and fit in these stories. But, form was of paramount concern in this case. To find the wife’s ideal decorative cabinet trim, we reviewed numerous pictures that caught her eye, seeking to incorporate various aspects of each. We then conducted several rounds of design before achieving that “Yes!” moment. With the moulding selected, our master carpenters had their intricately detailed marching orders.

Testing our skills on the hood

IMG_5110One of the more challenging elements of this project was the creation of the wooden venthood cover. Given combustible solid wood would be placed in relatively close proximity to a professional grade range, construction code dictated we must adhere to precise clearances above and on each side of the range. Plus, our design had to thoughtful so that the surrounding upper cabinet doors could open and close properly.

Happy ending five years in the making

With this project complete, our clients are now thoroughly enjoying the kitchen for which they waited five long years. And, now that they’ve found a highly skilled, trustworthy partner in TriFection, they’re working on a remodeling wish list for other rooms in the house.

This time, the wait shouldn’t be so long…

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