Don’t settle for a patchwork repair when you can do a shower remodel

shower remodel patchwork

IMG_3185Growing frustration over water leaks around their shower curb, along with concern over the potential long-term impact on their bathroom floor, brought these Richmond-area clients to us. In the end, they solved the water problem with a shower upgrade that provided modern features and more efficient use of space.

After their homebuilder couldn’t offer an agreeable plan to solve the shower leakage problem, TriFection got the call. Past experiences with this homebuilder and other remodelers had taught these clients a valuable lesson… They learned to choose a trusted team of professionals focused on quality and service, even if it costed a little more. Their mindset was, “If we’re going to do this project, let’s make sure we do it right this time.”

This shower remodel meant end of the road for the bathtub

During our initial consultations, these clients admitted they rarely, if ever, used their bathtub. We’ve found tubs often represent wasted space in a bathroom. However, we took that space and utilized it for a luxurious shower, like those you find in upscale hotels and resorts.IMG_4167 So, we proposed eliminating the tub to give us the room necessary to design a dream shower. This new shower would offer an elegant look, spacious comfort, easy access and modern amenities. Our client’s only concern was that no tub in the master bathroom could hurt future resale value. Consequently, this is a common misconception among homeowners. So, we shared our feedback on the issue, and also gained support from experts like HomeShow Radio host Tom Tynan and many local realtors. As a result, our clients were convinced and excited – the bathtub would go.

A shower remodel becomes a major shower upgrade

TriFection’s custom design for a frameless glass shower featured a tiled knee wall. This wall provides a degree of privacy and a supporting structure for a large bench seat tucked inside.IMG_4164 We also built a second bench seat just outside shower. Located just below the window and adjacent to the vanity cabinet, this bench is an ideal drying off area. Back inside the shower, we added a recessed shampoo and soap niche and Moen shower fixtures, including a handheld unit that they could use while sitting.

We used Alessi Dorato porcelain field tile from Daltile in a 13×13 pattern for the shower walls and benches, accented with a focal wall tiled with 6×6 Cortona Umbrian Hill and an Ion Metals liner. Multi-colored SOS pebbles from Daltile help give the shower floor added dimension and relaxing comfort for the feet. The bathroom floor was retiled with 20×20 Cortona Umbrian Hill, matching the shower accent.

With their shower remodel complete, troublesome water leaks are a thing of the past for these clients. Best of all, they don’t miss their old bathtub one bit.

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