Custom Entertainment Center for West Houston Family

custom entertainment center houston

Now That’s An Entertainment Center!

TriFection features our own custom cabinetry in virtually every kitchen and bath remodeling project we execute.  We also design and build some amazing solid wood cabinets for other rooms, such as game rooms and home offices.  Our clients in west Houston asked us to evaluate a few remodeling options for their home, including the addition of a guest bathroom.  Ultimately, they concluded the right investment at this time would be an entertainment center for the game room.

Instead of a pre-fab unit, they wanted a truly custom piece that would house a massive new flat screen television.  Now, they quickly recognized the quality of TriFection cabinets after visiting our sales & design center.  When we showed them 3-D computer renderings of the proposed custom entertainment center, they could barely contain their excitement.  We were about to transform their game room into the sports- and movie-watching envy of the neighborhood!

First, Some Required Framing

We discovered that a closet along the wall wherehouston custom entertainment center the new custom entertainment center would go contained a load-bearing wall.  That could be an issue for a less experienced or less capable remodeling contractor. However, TriFection employs top-notch framing experts and highly skilled crews.  We also obtain input and approval for our framing plans from a certified structural engineer, whenever necessary.  When handled properly, the presence of a load-bearing wall should not scare you away from achieving the desired floor plan as part of a remodel.  So, we installed a new beam in the ceiling to carry the load previously supported by the wall.

Then Some Electrical, Drywall and Cabinets

custom built media center houstonOur electrical contractor worked closely with these clients on the desired placement of numerous entertainment components.  This project required some serious installation expertise.  They made a sizable investment in their equipment, so they felt very comfortable knowing that a licensed master electrician would wire everything very carefully.

Next, our drywall team repaired the affected areas.  Then, our master carpenters began to install stunning custom cabinets built in our shop.  These clients selected Shaker style cabinets painted High Reflective White from Sherwin Williams.  As a result, the new cabinets blend very well with the existing style of the home.  We also installed LED upper cabinet lighting and glass shelves to turn this unit into a real showpiece.  With the final paint touch-ups, cabinet hardware and some carpet stretching, which prevented the need for floor replacement, our clients were ready to enjoy some major entertainment.

Now, It’s Game Time!

This upstairs room is now the perfect venue for friends and family to watch football, basketball, golf, soccer or any other sport of choice.  Also, “Movie Night” at home will be taken to a whole new level.  Their flat screen TV is 80″ for Pete’s sake!  No need to spend $50 on popcorn, candy and drinks at the theater when you got this set up at home….Our clients love their new game room.  As we’ve said many times, TriFection isn’t just for kitchens and bathrooms anymore.  Let us know what we can create for your home by calling 281-548-2436.

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