Copperfield Bathroom Remodel

Copperfield Bathroom Remodel

copperfield contractor beforeA number of contractors visited these Copperfield-area clients before they ultimately chose TriFection for their bathroom remodeling project. While various factors played into their decision, perhaps what TriFection owner Jeff Roberts didn’t do had the biggest impact. Other contractors walked in the door and immediately told the clients what they should or should not do. However, Jeff simply did what he does incredibly well – he first listened carefully to what the clients wanted. This led us to recreating the space for this Copperfield bathroom remodel.

The Clients’ Bathroom Plans

Originally, the plan was to keep a bathtub and make the shower slightly larger. A large exterior window limited the shower’s expansion to about six inches. That just wouldn’t do. Our clients wanted something truly transformational, given the size of the potential investment. But, after considering multiple TriFection design options, our clients had not yet experienced the “Ah-Ha! That’s it!” moment.

The breakthrough came when their son stopped by the house one day for a visit and had a design epiphany. He drew a rough sketch of his bathroom remodeling idea and shared it with his parents, who absolutely loved it. They quickly forwarded it to Jeff Roberts, asking him to figure out the details and make it a reality. Upon review of the concept, Jeff agreed the design made sense and gladly began the process of converting it into real construction plans. Once again, his willingness to listen without ego getting in the way greatly strengthened the working relationship with these clients. While Jeff and the rest of our team have designed thousands of custom kitchens and bathrooms, we certainly don’t believe we have a monopoly on good ideas.

Bathroom remodeling means changes

The son’s plan called for eliminating the bathtub in favor of a larger walk-in shower with no door. That would mean relocating the main shower valve to the opposite wall. It would also mean a change to the exterior window.bathroom remodeling idea in Copperfield area of Houston Texas

This was of particular concern to our clients because it meant replacing a large picture window with a smaller transom window. That, in turn, would require reframing the exterior wall and adding newly painted siding in one area instead of trying to match the 23-year-old brick. Our clients trusted the TriFection recommendation and are thrilled with the finished look.

Shower and custom cabinetry

They were equally pleased with how their new frameless glass shower filled its larger footprint. The shower wall and bathroom floor were covered with Contessa Cameo 12”x 24” tile in a broken joint pattern. Meanwhile, the shower floor was finished with Genoa mosaic blend 2”x 2”. We also added Arizona Brown 6”x 6” accent tile on the diagonal from Crossville Tile.

The new floor plan dictated we split one vanity into two, in opposite corners of the bathroom. We also built a custom linen cabinet for better storage. TriFection’s cabinet craftsmen created the new cabinets from solid red oak wood and topped the vanities with Tahoe granite countertops and backsplashes.

“I absolutely love my new bathroom,” says the wife. “It feels like a luxury hotel. Everyone else that has seen it says the same thing. They can’t believe it’s the same house.”

Added finishes before finishing

Once we painted the bathroom in Bona Fide Beige from Sherwin Williams, the clients asked us to paint much of the home’s interior. We also installed Smoky Topaz engineered hickory wood, from the Turlington American Exotics collection, on the master bedroom floor, in place of the existing carpet. The new floor really adds distinctive character to the room.

copperfield bathroom renovationFor good measure, our clients also had us install LED recessed can lighting and new cabinet hardware in the kitchen, which gave them the look of a newly updated kitchen for a fraction of the cost.

Copperfield Bathroom Remodel Likely to Lead to More Referals

In fairness, we had a leg up on all the other contractors when competing for this project. Before contacting TriFection, these clients saw firsthand our superior craftsmanship and service as we remodeled their daughter’s in-law’s home. They were very impressed with our attention to detail, cleanliness and highly professional crews. Jeff’s unique approach to the initial consultation solidified the decision to use TriFection, which now seems like a no-brainer. Our clients are excited to share new bathroom pictures and the story behind this pleasant remodeling experience, including the discovery of a contractor willing to listen and able to execute. This type of genuine enthusiasm for our work is the foundation of our successful growth strategy – keep producing one happy client after another.

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