Update Brings Bathroom Privacy

bathroom privacy

Interior design ideas can come from many different sources – magazines, television, trade shows, etc. For a remodeling company like ours, it’s an honor when that source of inspiration is our website. Our client was needed extra privacy and was tired of the stark white bathroom. Keep reading to see how this update brings bathroom privacy!

Bathroom Design Elements

After struggling for months to identify the desired look for his bathroom, our client discovered his vision on the TriFection website. His old bathroom was frigidly white. It managed to be equally over-exposed, crowded and bland all at the same time. The glass shower door and garden tub made privacy a problem, while the white countertops and painted walls made the room feel antiseptic. Understanding the client’s issues, our design and selections team set to work.

Russo ProjectWe started by changing the colors of the room. While anything but white would do, our client wanted a more unique and personalized environment.  So, we helped him select a combination of granite, tile, wood and stain that would give the bathroom a warm and vibrant feel.

Beyond new colors, we needed modern bathroom amenities. The white particle board cabinets with a white cultured marble countertop, framed shower glass, outdated vanity lights…..it all had to go.

Custom Cabinet Updates

We built custom cherry wood cabinets with a shaker door style.  Above it we attached a custom framed mirror, stained with an Auburn Anigre color to match the cabinets. On top of the cabinets we set-in a Negro Angola granite countertop, that kept with the darker tones. We replaced the outdated sinks and faucets with new Kohler pieces. The new undermount vanity sinks came from their Ladena line. The faucets came from the Bancroft line. New lighting provided the finishing touch to the vanity area. We swapped in new Kichler lights from their Structures line. This softer light completed the warmer mood.

But our work was only beginning.

Tub and Shower updates

As with most bathroom projects, the shower and tub demanded the most attention. Any homeowner wants these refuges to be as comfortable as possible. In this case, we needed to get rid of the old, outdated, and cramped framed-glass shower. We also had to take out the garden tub, which the client never used.  Whatever would come of the new shower and tub, the client needed an increase in the bathing area’s comfort and privacy while keeping the space open. We greatly improved the functionality of the space by expanding the shower into the footprint of the old tub.

bathroom remodeling in houstonWe defined the new shower by using a knee wall. The knee wall served several purposes. First, by installing a frameless glass shower on top of the knee wall, we provided our client with more privacy while keeping the space open. This was one of his major concerns. Second, the knee wall gave us a solid structure inside of which we could place a bench for optional sitting. This was also important. While many people do not like taking baths in a tub, they still would like to rest their legs first thing in the morning or at the end of a long day.  A comfortable bench seat with a handheld shower fixture provides a relaxing bathing experience without having to sit in (and later clean) a tub full of dirty water .

Knowing this, we wanted to make the shower as comfortable as possible. The first thing we did was to create a shampoo niche on the far wall. We then lay new surround materials on each part of the shower. We tiled the walls of the shower and knee wall with elegant Travertine. We also used this tile for the bathroom floor, mixing up the feel by tumbling it in a Versailles pattern. Next, we topped the bench seat and knee wall with the same Negro Angola granite as the vanity.

We laid a charcoal-colored river pebble on the shower floor. These pebbles are honed flat, providing a smooth, regular surface. We accented the Travertine shower walls with Lucente Zanfrico glass tile that blended well with the color of the granite . We outfitted the shower with upscale Grohe Raindance fixtures, including a handheld unit for use at the bench.

Obscure Glass Window

We were almost done. As with the vanity, we needed to work on lighting the shower. The old, regular window had forced our client to use blinds for privacy. But these made the room too dark. To kill two birds with one window, we installed a new obscure glass window. This allowed natural sunlight to fill the room while keeping out any unwanted attention. Our final task was to utilize the remainder of the tub space. Beneath the window we constructed a new granite bench seat to provide a place for drying off after the ultimate shower experience.

Need for Bathroom Privacy Brings Tranquility

By the time we were finished, the bathroom transformed from a cold, boring necessity to an inviting, personable luxury. For more pictures of this TriFection bathroom and others like it, click here. If you’re ready to create your own private oasis, give TriFection a call!

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