When accidents happen, it’s no accident why clients love TriFection

clients love Trifection

before2Some home remodeling projects are years in the making, following thoughtful planning and budgeting.  Others fall into your lap suddenly and unexpectedly.  In this case, it just crashed into a home in Missouri City in the middle of the night.  After a teenage drunk driver lost control of his car, it hit our clients’ parked car in the driveway before slamming into the side and front corner of their garage.  Thankfully, after trying to flee the scene, the driver was apprehended by police and no one was injured.  However, a significant portion of the garage was destroyed and had to be rebuilt quickly.

In the midst of this high-stress situation, our clients sought a turnkey contractor they could trust to complete the necessary work in a timely and professional manner.  They remembered hearing Tom Tynan’s high praise for TriFection on HomeShow Radio for years, so they gave us a call.  They later told us, “With everything going on at the time, it was very important to find a company we knew would manage the repair work the right way.  We were afraid it could take months to get our house fixed.”

beforeAn entire corner and about ten feet of the garage needed to be repaired, along with the main plumbing line, which burst and gushed water following the crash.  TriFection reframed the affected area of the garage and installed a new front corner post.  We replaced all the broken bricks and damaged trim on the garage door and fascia boards.  Finally, we installed a new garage door unit, performed some minor electrical work and painted the garage interior after replacing the sheetrock.

IMG_8095TriFection promptly mobilized the necessary resources in an effort to help these folks return to a normal living environment as soon as possible.  As they dealt with the distractions of police reports and insurance claims, they simply wanted the peace of mind that their chosen contractor would execute the repair work professionally.  So, they trusted Tom’s advice and called TriFection.  Upon completion, the husband commented, “You’ve got a really great team of people.  Thank you so much for getting this done for us so quickly.”  We’re very proud to have helped put this nightmarish scenario behind them.

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