Holiday Greetings and Thank You From TriFection!

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As we thankfully approach the end of 2020, TriFection would like to wish everyone a joyous and safe holiday season.  Like many families and small businesses, we have faced a number of challenges this year.  However, we have overcome each one of them with hard work and the collective strength of our team.  We’re very proud of the company we’ve built over more than 30 years and everything our brand represents, including first-class custom craftsmanship and client service.  Those fundamental qualities serve as the lifeblood of a trustworthy residential contractor, particularly during difficult times.

Thank you to all of our employees, contractors, vendors and clients for your contributions to, and support of, TriFection.  Together, we should reflect on our impressive achievements in 2020 and look forward to more success in “normalized” 2021!

TriFection Rises to the Occasion With Client Trust

As the old sayings go, a year like 2020 separates “the wheat from the chaff” or the “men from the boys”.  Or, more colorfully, “only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked”…During boom times, a fragmented construction industry becomes even more populated.  Many new businesses form, others relocate from out of town, and mostly unsuccessful and/or disreputable ones can survive a little longer.  But, in an extended downturn, only good companies with an excellent workforce and loyal clients will endure.

TriFection received a large number of calls and emails this year from past clients who wanted to upgrade their homes.  After spending more time at home, they saw the need or opportunity to remodel a kitchen, bathroom, entertainment area or home office.  And, given their very high level of satisfaction with TriFection on previous projects, they would not consider using another contractor.  We’re so blessed to enjoy so many of these strong relationships across Greater Houston.  Thank you again to all those folks for the additional business!

That influx of remodeling projects certainly helped offset the negative impact of Covid and conditions in the oil & gas business, which obviously remains a big influence on our local economy.  As a result, we have not laid off a single TriFection employee, and we’ve kept our tradespeople busy.  When the pandemic took hold locally in March, we immediately contacted all clients with remodeling projects in progress.  We offered to suspend the project if they were not comfortable with our safety protocols.  Without hesitation, every single client elected to keep us working.  Based on their experiences to that point, they knew we would handle the situation safely and professionally.  We are so fortunate that our clients and government officials allowed us maintain daily operations without interruption.  Thank you!

Keeping the Less Fortunate in Our Thoughts & Prayers

With the promise of effective Covid vaccines and advances in testing and treatments, hopefully the most difficult days are behind us.  Nevertheless, we know many folks across the country and around the world are still struggling financially, physically or emotionally.  We count our blessings and pray for those in need.  As we have done, please support your community through charitable organizations if you can.

Again, the TriFection family extends our very best wishes to you and yours as we celebrate the Christmas holiday season.


Jeff Roberts & Jeff Reina
TriFection Co-owners

Over 30 YEARS Of

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