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Montgomery bathroom makeover

True professionals at your service

TriFection provides our clients with assistance from skilled design and selections professionals to ensure the highest quality project execution.  We can help you visualize the perfect kitchen or bathroom for your needs with our computerized renderings, including floor plans and elevations.  We work closely with you to develop a customized design for the entire room …

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TriFection custom furniture – made right here at home, just for your home! 2011

TriFection is known for the high-quality custom cabinetry showcased in our kitchen and bathroom remodels, but did you know that we also design and build one-of-a-kind furniture pieces, too? Made Your Way If you want the perfect dresser, display case, entertainment center, coffee table or other furniture piece for your home, you don’t have to …

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Discover the joy of outdoor cooking

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Trifection new dream kitchen

Cook up a whole new kitchen

TriFection will make your dream kitchen a reality by: 1. Providing professional kitchen design After designing and remodeling a few thousand kitchens, we’ve learned a few skills, like how to: Create the most beauty and impact for your budget Maximize kitchen storage space and user-friendliness, and Ensure the design gets brought to life with expert …

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beautiful custom cabinetry

Cabinetry customized just for you

Custom does not mean expensive.  Custom means done your way.  Cabinets may be the most taken-for-granted furniture in the home.  Perhaps that’s because they’re everywhere – in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, game room, etc.  You walk past them every day but probably never really appreciate their significance.…until you see the dramatic improvement custom cabinets can …

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